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About Our Pierogi

As a little girl, I remember making pierogi with my Polish Grandma and Mama Tanya. They would cover the table with a floral table cloth, set a pot of warm mashed potatoes in the middle, sprinkle the table with flour and start the process of rolling-filling-pinching. It was a family tradition and always will be. Pierogi love brought to you by Inna

Pierogi from Inna’s Pierogi Shop are non-GMO and made with organic ingredients wherever possible!Our dough is made with organic oat milk made fresh at our shop so there’s no dairy in the dough. That’s right, our dough is vegan! We know what’s inside counts, too, so we peel fresh potatoes, cut and sauté fresh vegetables, and source the very best protein from our local butcher for our variou fillings.Simply said, we don’t just make comfort food pierogi but healthy comfort food pierogi!

Our Story

would like to take this time to tell you about my journey as a pierogi-maker. It began even before my time. It began with my parents, Peter and Tanya.​ My father and mother were immigrants, born and raised in Ukraine. Shortly after marriage, they began to venture out into the world of entrepreneurial endeavors. ​​Despite unfavorable circumstances, they opened a small baking business making European wafers. Upon immigrating to the United States, the land of opportunity, my mother continued to evolve her cooking skills. My mother began to cater various events, parties and weddings.

What makes us different

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